Industrial Storage Solutions Leads the Way for Women

Industrial Storage Solutions creates diverse workplace opportunities for women in material handling.

Redlands, CA, August 06, 2015 –(– Industrial Storage Solutions excitedly expands their company with the addition of three ambitious women in their marketing department. In a pre-dominantly male industry, Industrial Storage Solutions leads the way in creating a diverse workplace in the material handling industry.

“Industrial Storage Solutions has always been about working with the best so we can offer the best,” said Industrial Storage Solutions founder and president, Paul McKee. “Even though the industry may be led by men, I feel confident that our all-female marketing team brings something different to this field.”

With over 25 years in the business, Industrial Storage Solutions has proven to be an industry leader, offering only top tier pallet racking and industrial storage material. Bringing on three new women to their team, McKee hopes that this can be the start of a chain reaction in the material handling industry. “These professionals bring bright ideas to a field that is typically traditional and old-fashioned in their marketing efforts.”

As the current marketing coordinator at Industrial Storage Solutions, Rebecca Hawkins is thrilled for the opportunity to make her mark in the material handling industry. “It’s an exciting chance to think outside of the box, to offer a fresh perspective and new ideas for not just the company, but the industry itself,” said Hawkins.

Alongside Hawkins, Alethia Redick and Katy Feiling are eager for the opportunity to showcase their marketing skills in a team of women. “We all have our little areas of expertise and it’s going to be really exciting to see how that affects not just the marketing department, but business,” said branding specialist, Feiling. With Hawkins, Redick and Feiling breaking down workplace barriers, Industrial Storage Solutions leads the way for women in material handling.

Despite the male-dominated industry, Industrial Storage Solutions carves out new paths where women can not only enter the industry, but excel. Bursting with bright ideas and new plans for the company, these new hires shatter harmful stereotypes of women in material handling.

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