Inexpensive PC Pencil Computer Reduces Holiday Stress

Nov. 27, 2006 – Nashville, TN: Reduce stress this holiday season with a crash proof, virus proof, inexpensive PC…This Pencil Computer makes a great gag gift. The mechanical pencil is printed with “output” near the writing tip and “delete” printed at the eraser end. The mechanical pencil design automatically feeds graphite as you write. You’ll never get spy ware or pop-ups again with this dependable PC…Pencil Computer. Unlimited memory also.(Depending on the user!)A great stocking stuffer for anyone needing a new PC.

Silvana Clark, a professional speaker on reducing stress at the workplace says, “A common frustration people have at work is dealing with lost files or computers that simply freeze up. A novelty item such as a Pencil Computer brings a bit of fun to employees stressed from work and preparing for the holidays.” or

Looking for other ways to reduce stress at work?
• Take time to ask employees what would make them more productive at work. Many employees are never given the chance to voice their opinions. Stress is reduced when management spends time listening to employees.
• Use creativity to break the monotony of everyday workplace routines. Try a stand-up meeting where everyone remains standing during the staff meeting. Celebrate untraditional holidays such as Ugly Tie Day or Clean off Your Desk Day.
• Let staff know they are appreciated. Write personalized thank you notes and attach to paychecks. Give out awards such as the “Good and Plenty Award” for a person who always has lots of good ideas…along with a Good and Plenty candy bar of course.

Clark, a frequent presenter at conferences looking to help employees reduce stress, frequently hides gifts under conferee’s chairs. “People feel rushed and frazzled trying to balance work related duties with holiday preparations. Sometimes just getting a gift like a new Pencil Computer gives people something to smile about,” she says.

Studies show humor helps reduce stress and increases productivity. This holiday season, find ways to laugh and enjoy the holidays with a light-hearted spirit by giving a few unexpected gag gifts.


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