Infant Company Hits The Jackpot

Dec. 3, 2006 – The company competes directly with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners, offering its own in-house funding for all credit facilities.

The key difference between other cards and the OzoneCard is that cardholders are not required to repay the card with cash. Debit balances are repaid only when another cardholder pays you, thereby preserving business cash flow and attracting new customers.

OzoneCard card holders will also have the ability to pay non-OzoneCard members directly to the recipients email address or mobile phone number. When funds are transferred by a cardholder the non-OzoneCard merchant will receive an email or SMS message advising them of the pending payment.

Global Sales Manager, Alex Wong, said that since the announcement of its launch, the company had received a surprising level of interest from potential business investors, including one, unnamed, multi-billion dollar Investment Company and a takeover offer from one of its competitors.

Mr Wong said that although the shareholders of the company were not currently seeking additional investment, or to be bought out, it was flattering to receive so much attention.

OzoneCard International is a privately owned company with its global headquarters in New Zealand and has a shareholding group comprised of merchant bankers, accountants and self-employed business people. The company has recently appointed four new directors to its board, including former Irish merchant banker, James Graham.

OzoneCard offers its credit card direct via its website as well as through joint-venture and licensed partners, with all funding being provided by OzoneCard International Limited. The company believes that by working with licensed resellers it will enhance the visibility of the card whilst retaining a local flavor to the business in each of the countries where it is present.

“We believe that we are in a position to take the credit card industry in an entirely different direction” says Phillip Dimitrov, Manager of Card Services. “Visa and MasterCard don’t offer the flexibility that a bank account can offer in terms of being able to pay anyone and neither banks nor credit card companies can offer zero interest and zero cash repayment for debit balances. Even if you are not after credit funding it makes sense that you would accept the card simply to attract new customers.”

The company is currently accepting a limited number of applications for its credit card via its online website at

OzoneCard International Limited is a privately held company founded in 2002. In addition to its United States operations, the company has licensees in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada and the United Kingdom. The company is interested in expanding its global reach through strategic alliances with credit providers, merchant associations, affiliates, resellers and potential licensees of the system. For more information, visit

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