Ink & Stone Publishing Releases New Urban Fantasy Thriller from Author C. Edward Baldwin – "Rememberers"

Ink & Stone Publishing is pleased to announce the release of C. Edward Baldwin’s new urban fantasy thriller, “Rememberers.” Baldwin is an accomplished writer; his previous mystery/thriller, “Fathers House” was a 2014 Reader’s Favorite Award Winner.

Raleigh, NC, May 15, 2015 –(– For 19-year-old Kallie Hunt, everyday moments began feeling all too familiar. She had a sense that she’d lived them before. But that was crazy, right? Deja vu. That was kid’s stuff, right? Been there, done that, impossible. You got one shot at this life thing. One shot. You lived. You died. End of story.

But if that was true, then why would the government be interested in her? Why would priests literally be stalking her? How could a small town girl possibly have anything to do with saving humanity from terrorists and demons? And pray-tell, what does any of it have to do with her first love?

For Kallie Hunt, there would be no simple answers. Besides, nothing in life is ever really simple. Not good. Not evil. Not even love…

Recent Praise for “Rememberers”:

“Kallie is a fervent protagonist with an intriguing background.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Fascinating. An epic journey, spanning years and several U.S. cities—as well as the mind—and challenging the fabric of religious belief and the basis of human history.” – Publishers Weekly

“Rememberers” will be available in print and ebook formats upon it’s official release in June 2015. Bookstores and libraries should contact Ingram Content Group for wholesale orders/distribution.

Book Details:
By C. Edward Baldwin
Publisher: Ink & Stone Publishing
Published: June 1, 2015
ISBN: 978-0692356760 (print)
ISBN: 978-0996154604 (ebook)
Pages: 350
Genre: young adult, fantasy, thriller

About The Author:
C. Edward Baldwin’s debut novel, Fathers House was released in 2013. He has a BA degree in Communications from North Carolina A&T State University and a MA in English from East Carolina University. He’s married to the beautiful Natasha and they are the proud parents of two boys. The Baldwins currently reside in Raleigh, NC.

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C. Edward Baldwin
Email: inkstonepublishing (at)

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C. Edward Baldwin