Intellimed Announces Exciting New MR Conditional Disposable Laryngoscope is Now Available in the U.S.

Single Piece Laryngoscope is Ideal for Use in the MR Suite

San Francisco, CA, April 27, 2015 –(– Intellimed has recently launched the MRcYeescope in U.S. markets, with applications in the MR suite, offering significant benefits over previously available products.

The MRcYeescope, a single-piece, entirely disposable laryngoscope, has been cleared by the FDA for use in the MR environment. Tested by an independent laboratory, the MRcYeescope is safe for use with MRI magnets up to 3 Tesla. The MRcYeescope incorporates unique design with MR compatible batteries and LED technology to provide bright, clear illumination.

Also available in the U.S. through Intellimed is the standard Yeescope, which meets or exceeds laryngoscope guidelines published by The Joint Commission. This disposable laryngoscope, now with LED illumination, provides a fresh, convenient, reliable instrument every time for every patient. Routine use of Yeescope eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination from poor sterilization or reuse of the same laryngoscope handle on multiple patients. Cost of the MRc or standard Yeescope compares favorably with competing single-patient use devices and significantly less than sterilization of reusable laryngoscopes.

Developed by a practicing anesthesiologist in Australia, the MRc and standard Yeescopes have been providing better patient care in global markets for over ten years. Their introduction into the U.S. through Intellimed brings a new standard of performance in disposable laryngoscopes to American physicians.

MRc and standard Yeescopes are available to ship immediately from Intellimed U.S. inventory.

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