International Recognition of Professionalism for Mexicali Industrial Development Commission

A British based company recently expanded operations in Mexicali due to the “outstanding support received from the development people in Mexicali.” Uni-Pol Chief Operating Officer, Ian Haddon, and his colleagues, after being welcomed, educated about, and toured around Mexicali by the Industrial Development Commission staff were immediately convinced Mexicali was the place to be. This level of professional development support was recognized again by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) by recently re-certifying the Mexicali Industrial Development Commission (CDIM) as an Accredited Economic Development Organization (AEDO.)
“The Industrial Development Commission of Mexicali is an impressive organization with a long history of deep community support, commitment to professionalism, and excellent service to their client base, industrial recruitment prospects, and to companies successfully recruited,” stated IEDC President Jeff Finkle.
Throughout 2014, CDIM demonstrated the efforts and quality of work demanded by the AEDO. Staff and members of CDIM visited 40 different companies at their locations and hosted another 61 companies in Mexicali, resulting in the decision by 10 businesses to locate operations in Mexicali. “The hard work and high level of professionalism conducted by the staff of CDIM shows what Mexicali can offer the world,” said Mayor Jaime Diaz. “The AEDO certification and successes of CDIM are critical for Mexicali and it grows its economic footprint in Mexico, North American, and globally.”
CDIM was first certified as an AEDO in 2010. At that time, they were the first economic development organization to receive such recognition that is fully based outside of the United States. Since that time other economic development organizations in Mexico and Canada have been certified. AEDO certification required a rigorous review of funding, process, community support, and many other areas. This certification must be renewed with a full review and audit again, which CDIM completed at the end of 2014.
“The staff at CDIM continue to demonstrate a high level of knowledge, capacity, and professionalism that help us showcase the competitive advantages Mexicali can offer to many different manufacturers throughout the world,” stated CDIM President Alfredo Garcia. “The re-certification as an AEDO by the IEDC recognizes the hard work the organization and its staff put forth daily helping to expand the Mexicali economy.”
For more information please contact Carlos Cordova, Executive Director of the Industrial Development Commission of Mexicali: ccordova(at) or (800) 952-8481.