International Spa Association profiles Body Buddy Company in “A Day in the Life of a Spa Partner”

Nov. 21, 2006 – “It’s very rare these days to come across a product that is truly original; seems like everything is just a new twist on an old design,” comments Julie Wilson, Editor of Pulse Magazine. “The packaging says lotion applicator but that is like saying a computer is a glorified typewriter-both offers so many more options.”

Unless you are receiving a massage right this moment, the back remains the most neglected part of the body.

In a world where we are always searching for the latest and greatest, Shiolett Meier, mother of 4, who, just after a shower one day, had a stroke of genius. “I was tired of wrestling with myself every morning, contorting in every direction, trying to get lotion on my own back.” She queried friends and family and soon realized, everyone has the same problem. An age-old problem in need of a simple solution. She sat down at her sewing machine, and the body buddy non-absorbent lotion applicator was born.

The carefully sewn, non-porous and therefore non-absorbent surface is unlike anything you’ve experienced and it is easy to use. Dab your product in the center, flip over your shoulder, and there you have it! Exactly where you missed before. Brilliant!

What started out as a solution for lotion lovers, the patented body buddy non-absorbent lotion applicator has become the choice for topical application of every skin care product. Nancy Reagan, owner of N. Reagan Day Spa, ( in Del Ray Beach, Florida says it is the best invention they have seen. She recommends the product for use with scrubs to exfoliate prior to sunless tanner, to apply benzoyl peroxide for treatment of back acne, as well as to apply moisturizer daily, and of course sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.

Skin care needs change from season to season. Now, after months of sun exposure, our skin is ready for treatments that restore and rejunvenate summer weary skin, including your back. With winter weather just around the corner, clients are looking for useful information on the latest trends that translate into healthy skin year-round. We recommend the body buddy applicator as a companion to all body care products. Extending the spa experience to your back and to your home, the body buddy applicator is a necessary addition to the home spa experience. It hangs conveniently in every bathroom or spa and folds neatly to travel with you on business or pleasure.

To find out more about the age, size, and gender friendly body buddy non-absorbent lotion applicator and its endless skin care benefits visit It is available for $25 in white, cream, aqua, teal green, walnut brown and a growing selection of colors. It is machine washable and made in the USA. The clever packaging is perfect for on-the-spot gift giving.

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