Internet Mobile Phone Shop Urges Its Marketing People To Stop Sending Spam

Nov. 14, 2006 – While millions of individuals are worried about the increasing number of spam mails reaching their inboxes, some of them are reaping the benefits of these spam mails. The beneficiaries are the ones who are selling spurious products with little credential. Earlier it were newspapers, then came pamphlets, TV, websites and the recently these unsolicited emails known as spam. Spam can be defined as those emails reaching ones inbox without being told by the user to send any mail.

The CEO of Mobile Phone Shop UK Mr. Jamie Skidmore recently held a meeting of its staff and advised them not to resort to sending spam while market its products. In his words – “… we all know how spam from others eat up our time while we are checking mails online but we are unaware of the fact that our spam too eats up others’ time. We do not propagate sending spam and if anyone of you is doing it, it is time to stop. …”

The objective of the statement can be gauzed from the fact that Mr. Schneider does not advocate the theory of sending spam to get customers. Internet is a space crowded with a large number of portals that seek personal information by resorting to unethical methods. It is an attempt on the part of Mobile Phone Shop UK to increase its responsibility towards its customers.

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