Introducing Pure Sleeping Pleasure

Dec. 11, 2006 – Achieving an untroubled and refreshing night’s sleep is a serious business. That’s why the Soft Pillow Company’s pillows are hand made and as individual as you are.

Offering plump support and inviting comfort, our luxury pillows are filled with billowy duck down, hand-selected for its superior quality and voluminous support.

Before producing even one pillow, we undertook a two-year search for the perfect down. This took our testers on a tour of Europe, through Germany and France, until the best quality duck down was found in the remote reaches of the sprawling Pyrenees.

For pure sleeping pleasure, prototype pillows were then filled to different weights with varying selections of the more than 500 grades of available duck down.

Dream Works

After deciding on the optimal blend of down, our luxury pillows were sleep tested by a leading five-star hotel. A grand total of 290 prototype pillows were painstakingly produced and checked for plumpness, flexibility, support and comfort.

Slept on, plumped and shook by the most discerning of five-star clientele, the result is a pillow made for a purpose and not a price bracket. Produced in king and standard sizes to specific weights and firmness, it takes a team of master craftsmen more than two weeks to manufacture just one pillow.

Rigorously cleaned, treated and sterilised, each sumptuous, down-filled luxury pillow is encased in a wholly indulgent and satiny-smooth jacquard cover.

Spun by specialist weavers in France from our own yarn, the jacquard pillow cases are tough and hardwearing. Each one is meticulously tested to ensure all dust and feathers are held within the case. With the down also expertly cleaned to strip the feathers of dust and allergy-causing irritants, you can sleep easy in the knowledge that the only thing troubling you will be the early morning wake-up call.

A Great Night’s Sleep, Made Especially For You…

The Soft Pillow Company’s ethos is clear. You can buy made to measure clothes and design your own car. You can construct a house to your own specifications and build a boat to satisfy your wanderlust. So why not enjoy the same freedom when it comes to choosing your pillow? As a result, our luxury pillows are created with tender loving care to specific weights and firmness. Produced by hand and overseen by master craftsmen, our sumptuous pillows are available in medium and firm. Choose from standard or king size and stipulate your preferred weight of filling.

Media samples of our luxury pillows are available for review purposes. If your publication would like to test our pillows, please email

For more information about the Soft Pillow Company, please contact Rebecca Appleton, Tel: 0208 123 5178, e-mail or visit

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