Invitation in the heart of Transylvania to a Halloween party with Dracula in a Ghost Tour in 2007!

Nov. 26, 2006 – TRANSYLVANIA, Europe: As everybody can imagine this is about stunning scenery and terrific places. Everyone knows and fears Dracula; still everyone wants to travel to Transylvania. Transylvania and the Carpathian mountains are the very best parts of Romania.

Special events experienced in this Romanian vacation include:
Killing of the Living Dead ritual – Help a haunted spirit to gain his peace – attend the ritual of killing a vampire in this Dracula tour
learn how to make a special stake for killing a Vampire from the Vampire Wooden Stake Specialist, a famous woodcraftsman from Maramures
visiting Bran Castle, Peles Castle, Corvinesti and Savarsin Castle – Legendary castles in Transylvania with plenty of good stories for a Halloween tour
Halloween Party in Sighisoara – Dracula’s birth place
Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania – Bram Stoker’s imaginary castle where, in Borgo Pass
enjoy Jonathan Harker’s Menu – the same meal Bram Stoker’s hero served when in Bistrita citadel
indulge with a Vampire menu for dinner in Turda to find out why it’s worth killing for a meal!
traditional dinner in Sibiu, the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2007
during farewell dinner a Survivor’s Certificate will be handed over (collect stamps all along the itinerary so that the courage will be recognised )

This tour is intended to Halloween enthusiasts, Transylvanian lovers, culture and history fans, adventure seekers. Minimum age required 14.

Departing from Budapest on October the 27, 2007 Halloween in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler offers a 10 days trip back in time, following Jonathan Harker’s footsteps but revealing the genuine historical facts and places. Include the unique medieval citadel of Sighisoara – Vlad the Impaler’s birth place, the Saxon city of Brasov, Bistrita Citadel, the royal Peles Castle, the mysterious Bran Castle as well as Dracula’s Castle in Borgo Pass.

Here is what Steve and Karen from Beverly Hills (referred to Transylvania Live by Let’s Travel agency from Santa Monica, California, said after their Halloween in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler” experience from 2006: “It is very obvious that Transylvania Live goes to extraordinary efforts to make sure its clients are satisfied. We are very thankful to Andras for being not only a well-informed guide but also for being courteous, dependable, friendly, and always doing his best make sure that the trip was a pleasant experience for us, which it was”.
The tour can be booked by calling Transylvania Live’s US toll free at 866 376 6183, or, for UK, Ireland by calling: 07812728870.

Being a very popular tour, Halloween in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler is often sold out well in advance, in fact they have started making reservations for 2007, so hurry up and join the tour!

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