Iqua Gains Superior Distribution In U.s.

Dec. 1, 2006 – Irwindale, California, USA / Espoo, FINLAND – Finnish mobile communications company, Iqua Ltd., today announced an agreement with California-based Superior Communications to introduce and distribute the Iqua brand Bluetooth wireless accessories in the U.S.

Working with Superior’s dedicated accessories business division, Iqua will be making a major presence for its brand in mass retail and other channels in the U.S., including distribution of its high-end, fashionable wireless accessories to independent dealers, network operators, and into the business-to-business market.

Pekka Vartiainen, co-founder of the company, said, “Our products combine cutting-edge style with impeccable functionality, so we conducted extensive analysis of the market to make sure we partnered with the right distributor for our products in the U.S. Superior Communication’s credentials are among the best in the industry. We were impressed by the proactive approach of its Bluetooth team and the company’s wide distribution network. There is a great deal of knowledge, expertise and commitment at our disposal, and we are confident in establishing a solid presence for the Iqua brand in the U.S. market.”

The founding of Iqua was based on a profound understanding of users’ desires and the technologies that can satisfy them. Coupled with a strong vision of the growing importance of attractive, fashionable design as a purchase criterion, Iqua meets consumer demand by developing wireless mobile accessories that not only perform perfectly, but are also highly ergonomic and visually stunning. Design has a critical role in the company’s product development – unique looks and user comfort are the result of the creative input of its award-winning Finnish designers.

“Iqua’s mission is to create state-of-the-art design products that improve quality of life, enjoyment and user satisfaction,” according to Vartiainen, who, like the other three founders of Iqua, is a former Nokia employee. Vartiainen is the former managing director of Nokia Mobile Phones in the U.S.

Mike Cavanah, Executive VP of Superior Communications, said, “Iqua has a very innovative and interesting range of wireless accessory products which we genuinely believe can quickly develop a significant footprint in the U.S. market. With the Nokia heritage among its founding partners and extensive experience in distribution, there is also very broad industry knowledge, which is evident in the products developed and launched so far. We are delighted to have been selected as Iqua’s U.S. distributor, and it is also great to be able to work closely again with Pekka, who is familiar to many across the industry.”

The Iqua products available through Superior Communications are:

Iqua Bluetooth headsets: Designed for active people who appreciate style in addition to practicality, mobility and ease of use, the Iqua headsets include:
• BHS-302 – (49.90) – “The Iqua Clip” headset can be easily attached to a shirt pocket or collar, for example, and a magnetic holder for the ear piece that makes handling the headset easy. It has up to nine hours’ talk time and 200 hours’ standby.
• BHS-306 – ($45.90) – A cool design headset that is small, light, extremely easy to wear, and used in either ear. It has up to nine hours’ talk time and 200 hours’ standby.
• BHS-603 – ($79.00) – “The Iqua Vogue” was designed by the award-winning Finnish design studio, Salovaara & Salonen, as the ultra-elegant headset that meets the high demand for both design and performance. The BHS-603 has up to nine hours’ talk time, and 200 hours’ standby. It comes in 3 colors.
• BHS-701 – ($99.00 – $119.00) “The Iqua Freedom” is a trendy stereo headset that enables the wearer to enjoy wireless music while monitoring all calls. It can be used with various devices that support Bluetooth, and offers up to 12 hours’ talk time, and up to 10 hours’ wireless music streaming.

Iqua Snake 2 – (HHF-601, $179.00) – A hands-free device that attaches to the headrest of a car seat and brings safety as well as style and comfort to the driver’s personal communications. The flexible neck mechanism enables it to be adjusted to fit the driver’s height perfectly for the highest audio quality.

Iqua UFO – (PHF-601, $179.00) – A circular, pocket-size elegant Bluetooth hands-free device that is ideal for multiple user calls at home or conference calls. It provides a convenient solution for wireless communication and managing calls in both group and one-to-one conversations.

Iqua miniUFO – (CHF-601, $99.00) – With special concerns on driving safety and user convenience, the miniUFO is a sleek sphere-shaped product designed to be simple and easy to use. With just four operation buttons and mounting accessories included, the miniUFO can be fastened to a sun visor or dash-board for quick and convenient hands-free communication.

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