Now the Fastest Way to Upload & View Pictures for Dial-up Connections

Dec. 20, 2006 – Los Angeles – According to numbers published by JD Power, 44% of US “at home” internet users continue to connect to the World Wide Web via dial up connections but no company has designed a way for these users to easily upload and share pictures. Dial-up customers are typically forced to deal with excruciatingly long wait times when uploading or viewing large pictures., Virtual Iris’ consumer & small business website, addresses this problem.

“We developed a small software application that significantly increases the speed of picture uploads for people using Internet Explorer,” said Adam Rubin, President of Virtual Iris. “Although we designed the application to allow businesses to batch upload large volumes of pictures, we found that it also allowed anyone using a dial-up connection to upload pictures almost as fast as if they were using a broadband connection.”

Virtual Iris also uses a proprietary process for serving pictures. This allows anyone visiting a site using the company’s technology to view large pictures with the speed of broadband even when they use dial-up. The website uses this method to serve all of the pictures stored on it.

“From the research we’ve done, we don’t believe that any other picture website is even attempting to address the types of problems faced by dial-up customers,” said Rubin. “That’s a shame, since dial-up represents a large segment of the market. It’s also an opportunity. Any company that chooses to use us on their website will gain an immediate advantage over competitors using other slower technologies such as Java.”

About Virtual Iris:

Founded in December 2003 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, privately-held Virtual Iris allows anyone to convert their pictures into rich-media without the need to do any complex programming. The company provides the only form of rich media that is completely functional in the body of an e-mail message. To learn more about Virtual Iris, please visit To learn more about Irisize, please visit

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