IssueTrak 7.0, Newest Version of Help Desk and Customer Support Software Makes Its Debut

Dec. 14, 2006 – Virginia Beach, VA – IssueTrak 7.0, the latest version of a proven, popular and comprehensive service/help desk software program is now available. First developed in Virginia Beach in 2000, IssueTrak is now used worldwide by companies in 21 countries and 54 major industry groups.

The latest release of IssueTrak will provide users with a valuable tool in tracking vital information, allowing them to precisely monitor the inner workings of their business. “There’s an old saying I’ve always believed in that says you can’t manage what you can’t measure,” says CEO, Hank Luhring. “Staying lean, efficient and productive is essential in today’s business environment, and IssueTrak 7.0 will help any company seeking a competitive edge.”

“As companies grow, managing everything from IT, assets, and customer service becomes more complex,” says Luhring. IssueTrak, first released in 2000, has matured over the years to meet these changing needs, adds Luhring, allowing users to track vital issues and share information with key parties quickly and efficiently. “We have extremely loyal customers and some of the highest retention rates in the industry,” says LaDonna Beauregard, Vice President of Development. “In fact, we see them as members of our R & D department. We take their suggestions very seriously and incorporate them when appropriate into each and every upgrade.”

IssueTrak 7.0 offers several new and enhanced features including the following:

• Global Issues – New features in IssueTrak 7.0 allow users to link related issues to a single global issue. Issues can then be worked individually or from the global issue. Updates to the global issue can automatically propagate to the linked issues.
• Enhanced Escalation – IssueTrak 7.0 will automatically escalate an issue based on escalation rules users create. The escalation rule can change the priority and staff assignment of the issue.
• Issue Auditing – Changes made to issues can be recorded in an audit log.
• Customer Web Portals – IssueTrak 7.0 offers users the flexibility to create tailored Web portals for customers by customizing display names, logos, color schemes, and creating unique knowledge bases, dashboards and reports.
• Out of Office – When support staff members are out of the office, IssueTrak 7.0 will now automatically assign issues to a designated backup and send the appropriate notifications.
• Report Writer – IssueTrak 7.0 allows users to spot trends and improve performance by building powerful reports and delivering them on a regularly scheduled basis to a targeted audience via email.
• Trak Tips – When entering an issue into IssueTrak 7.0, users or support staff are prompted with intelligent guidance based on the information they are entering. This feature can enhance service by offering troubleshooting or information gathering steps to the user.

For more information about IssueTrak or to request an interactive demo please call at 1-866-ISSUETRAK or visit

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