ITC Rewards Team Members for their Dedication and Hard Work

Nov. 28, 2006 – Amman, Jordan (November 2006) In commemoration of its 12th year anniversary, the International Tobacco and Cigarettes Company (ITC) recently awarded all its team members for their efforts. As a small token of its appreciation for all their contributions to the firm’s advancement, ITC rewarded its team members a half salary bonus on their paycheck.

Commenting on this gesture, Mr. Samer Fakhuri General Manager of ITC said, “We at the firm recognize that we stand strong only through the dedication of our team members. On this occasion, I thank everyone at ITC for their hard work and dedication. Now, after the passing of 12 years on our establishment we do have a lot to be proud of. I believe that this bonus is only the least we could do to repay our ITC family members for the long hours they spent working to see this firm rise to new heights. I hope this bonus will serve as a source of inspiration for everyone on the team, and I trust that each and every member of our ITC family will continue to push the firm forward with same level of enthusiasm they have shown in the past. This reward is well deserved by everyone here especially since it comes at a time when this Kingdom is seeing a steep rise in the cost of living. I am sure that we will stand strong in this competitive market, for with such a team working with us, excellence is all that we can strive for”.

What’s worth mentioning is that ITC pays constant attention to its team members’ welfare. It ensures maximum levels of comfort for its team by creating minimum wage raising programs, and by implementing an extensive healthcare program as well. The firm also provides a distinguished health insurance program for its ITC team and their families, along with comfortable and safe transportation means to and from the company. Other initiatives created by ITC include, scholarship programs, recreational initiatives, trips and lots more, for the management of ITC firmly believes that such initiatives that creates in people the will to work whole heartedly.

Mr. Fakhuri added that the company places great emphasis on the creation of both a cheerful and healthy working environment for all team members. “Our human resources are our main asset. With this understanding in mind we try our best to provide our team members with the tools they need to improve their living conditions, enhance their loyalty, and to constantly look for ways to enhance the standard of their performance. This initiative is not the first of its type by ITC and it certainly wont be its last, for we want everyone on our team to be proud of themselves and of the contributions they have done for the firm” he said.

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