It’s Time 2 Cover Your Assets

Nov. 27, 2006 – Rene Jones has combined his personal tragedy and professional experience to launch a new service aimed at helping homeowners make the most of their insurance coverage.

Jones, founder and president of Total Logistics Solutions in Burbank, Calif., is a consultant who specializes in helping companies – including a few in Colorado – improve their supply-chain management by focusing on how they run their warehouses.

When fire damaged his home almost two years ago, Jones said he and his wife walked through what was left of the property with an insurance agent. The agent took an inventory of the couple’s possessions. In the end, the Joneses recouped only 55 percent of what they’d lost.

“Inventory is what I do best, and I just knew there was a way to make it easy for homeowners to do,” Jones said, adding that less than 30 percent of American homeowners have an accurate account of their belongings. Even fewer have the documentation insurance companies require before agreeing to provide replacements.

Jones’ company is selling Cover Your Assets, software that guides owners through the home-inventory process. The service is also available online “so that if computers are lost in a disaster, the information is still available,” Jones said. For additional fees, company representatives will conduct home inventories that include photos, scanned receipts and other proofs of purchase.

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