JAC Business Group LLC announce its first brand SELEBRITEE for hosiery

Dec. 23, 2006 – All people care about their image. How to translate who they are and what they do through subtle fashion accessories such as hosiery is what we are about. JAC Business Group philosophy is and has always been that to have varieties of quality leg wear suitable for every shape and occasion.

Hosieries are increasingly being worn as an additional fashionable accessory. The way hosieries are worn is contributing to its revival. What you don’t want however is to look like an ordinary human being- that’s just not cool at all.

So if you want to join this new hosiery trend what styles and colors should you be looking for? Black is still very popular and other lighter shades increasingly attracting attention.

Hosiery is an essential part of woman’s wardrobe because “It unites all the elements of a woman’s outfit gives her instant attraction and above all is the ultimate symbol of individuality.”

Even if a woman has a modest clothes budget and has a fairly formal life style there is still one thing that can make a huge difference to her appearance and that is hosiery.

This accessory can lift a nondescript outfit into a completely different realm and give the entire outfit a feeling of attraction and distinction. Like most pieces of clothing hosieries have always had a practical purpose such as protecting the legs and keeping warm.

Elegant and sophisticated designer hosiery does not need to be an expensive outlay. It is possible to have a whole wardrobe of hosieries at reasonable cost. There is a choice of striped or patterned designs which are available in a wide range of styles.

JAC Business Group LLC was established in 2006 in fashion industry and had decided to start on designing and trading of hosiery.

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