Jeremiah Craig Releases Free Download of Original Banjo Folk Songs

Lost Keys in Lounge Strange is Jeremiah Craig’s latest installment of his “Home Tapes” series. He revisits his roots of the banjo with his contemporary folk ballad stylings.

Seattle, WA, July 31, 2015 –(– Everyone has gone through that terrifying moment of misplacing keys. The frustration of forgetting where you left them combined with panic from the possibility that they will not be found can be overwhelming. What’s even worse is dealing with something else which may be blocking your search for them in the first place, like an unwelcome visitor perhaps. Jeremiah Craig’s newly released second volume of his free download “Home Tapes” series covers this exact quandary and does so in an entertaining unique way.

The new collection of songs is called Lost Keys in Lounge Strange and it focuses on a character who drops their keys while walking down the street. The keys happen to fall into a dim lit bar but once the character enters the bar, the keys are no where to be found. So the manager tells his new visitor to speak with his patrons to find out whether they have seen the keys or not. The patrons however are not interested in talking about keys and instead each one tells a strange story. This is the concept behind the project. Each song on Lost Keys in Lounge Strange is a tall tale from each customer in the bar. With topics such as ghosts, monsters, near death experiences and more.

Jeremiah Craig stuck to his passion of writing folk-style ballads for Lost Keys in Lounge Strange but he also focused on his love of the 5-string banjo. The banjo was the first instrument Jeremiah took up in his early teens. He performed at school talent shows and created a bluegrass band with friends. As soon as Jeremiah took up songwriting he also started playing more acoustic guitar but Lost Keys is a return to his roots and features banjo on every song. Craig went so far as to keep any guitar from appearing on these songs at all.

Craig teamed up with his friend and upright bass player, Jake Boucher, from the band The Heaviest Cat out of Phoenix. Boucher also appeared on Craig’s EP from 2013, The Commandeer. On Lost Keys, not only does Boucher play the upright bass but he also contributes with percussion on many songs and helps in the recording production as well.

“I’m very proud of these songs and the concept of the entire project,” said Craig. “It feels good to get back to my roots with the banjo and to make them available for free download as sort of a ‘thank you’ to everyone whose followed me and supported me in my music career thus far.”

To download your free copy of Lost Keys in Lounge Strange visit, For more information about this album or about Jeremiah Craig email or call (866) 551-1550.

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Jeremiah Craig was raised in the old folk styles of Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs, Leadbelly and Woody Guthrie and prides himself on writing contemporary folk ballads for the present day. Drawing inspiration from popular artists including Bob Dylan, Ian Anderson, Nick Drake and Tom Waits, Jeremiah Craig creates rich settings in his songs with an energetic acoustic accompaniment. Learn more about Jeremiah Craig at
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