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Dec. 13, 2006 – PRESS RELEASE:
San Francisco, December 13, 2006: BOOK DEAL: “Cemetery” Jill Province. Email Alphar Publish for advance copy.
Cemetery is the story of Mitchell Becker who cautiously steps back out into the world armed with only one year of sobriety. JILL PROVINCE is an addiction counselor who was born in New York and educated in Miami and the Georgia School of Psychology. Cemetery is her second novel. Jill is a musician and maintains a traditional family life while creating an extraordinary world of human conflict around mental health treatment facilities and the supernatural. Becker’s mission is to win back Jodi’s heart and ask the deceased for forgiveness. Both become impossible dreams when Jodi Becker is murdered and he becomes the only suspect. And although his key witness can’t help him in the conventional sense, she offers a solution no one ever thought possible.
Alphar Publishing has signed a deal for “Cemetery”. Alphar is a publisher of that outstanding literary fiction which focuses upon inner conflicts, and proudly signs up “Cemetery” this season. ISBN# 0978602439, along with “The Progess of Man, G. W. Bush v. The People”, (097860248X) by Thomas Moore this season
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