Jordinvest Participates in the Syrian Capital Markets Conference

Dec. 13, 2006 – Amman Jordan, (December 2006) – As part of its ongoing plans for expansion in Jordan and the region at large, Jordan Investment Trust PLC (Jordinvest) sponsored the Capital Markets Conference held in Damascus Syria between December 4th and December 5th 2006. The conference was attended by investors, financial analysts, specialists in the financial fields, and influential figures from both investment firms and stock markets across the region.

The event was held against the backdrop of the emerging Syrian Capital markets, and it was seen as a means to encourage business professionals and investors from both Syria and the region to invest in Syria’s booming market.

As part of his participation in the event, Mr. Ahmad Tantash, Chairman/CEO of Jordinvest, took part in a panel discussion, during which he and other prominent figures from the regional financial sector, shed light on the important role that investment plays in developing capital markets and the role of the media in spreading awareness on the issue at hand.

Mr. Tantash affirmed that Jordinvest’s participation in this event stems directly from both its interest in the Syrian market and from the increasing demand it is seeing on investment and financial services implemented there. “The Syrian market is one that is key to our operational expansion plan, and one that has definitely captured our interest recently.
The growing demand for financial and investment services in that particular market will inevitably affect the overall market scene in the region positively” he said.

Mr. Tantash added “We believe in overcoming the obstacles facing investors in Jordan and the region, and we also strive to constantly update our services so that they are aligned with the demands of the modern and dynamic markets of today” he said.

— End —