Jump Start Your Marketing with Sales Renewal’s Marketing Essentials Solution™

Six-Month Program Grows Leads and Sales Through Better Marketing & Sales-Enabling Technology While Providing Hands-On, Personalized Training.

Concord, MA, July 31, 2015 –(PR.com)– Sales Renewal, committed to bringing affordable, comprehensive marketing solutions to small business, today announces the immediate availability of the Marketing Essentials Solution™. Marketing Essentials is a comprehensive, easy-to-adopt solution that first improves a business’s marketing & technology “assets” and then provides the ongoing, active assistance and expertise needed to cost effectively grow its leads & sales.

Marketing Essentials is ideal for businesses that want to grow by improving their sales and marketing scope and effectiveness but aren’t sure what they ultimately need or how to do it. Smaller firms might find it sufficient, while larger firms can use it as a solid foundation to build upon.

During the initial six-month trial program, Marketing Essentials clients enjoy weekly coaching sessions that cover Web & content marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media, blogging, in-person networking, strategy and management. Sales Renewal also manages the included search advertising and inbound link building (search optimization) services provided by third-party experts.

This makes Marketing Essentials quite different than comparably priced do-it-yourself or self-service solutions where you are provided tools and help pages but are on your own for how best to use them. While Marketing Essentials also includes useful tools its most valuable aspect is the proactive, real-world guidance provided by its weekly coaching sessions that teach, help accelerate through learning curves and provide a knowledgeable sounding board for the inevitable issues that arise. Importantly, it also includes two critical services–advertising and link building–that are best left to the experts.

“Marketing today is challenging for most small businesses,” says Keith Loris, Sales Renewal President and CEO. “With all the techniques and technologies available, figuring out where to start and which tactics to use can be confusing. That’s why, while Marketing Essentials is growing your leads and sales during the first six months, it also trains you on and allows you to become proficient in a broad, universal mix of marketing tactics and programs that can help every business grow. By the end of the six months, businesses will truly know what works best for them and can make an informed decision about what’s next: (1) take their new found expertise and marketing in-house, (2) continue using the Marketing Essentials Solution™ or (3) upgrade to the custom JointSourcing Solution™ that shares risks and rewards.”

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Sales Renewal offers two growth solutions—the JointSourcing Solution™ and the Marketing Essential Solution™—that help small businesses grow their leads and sales. Both solutions begin by developing a growth plan specific to the business and both provide all the people, expertise and tools needed to implement the plan and grow sales without having to pay full-time salaries, benefits or management time.

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