Just Launched Smart Ecards For Geniuses, Mensans, Right Brainers And Other Loveable Misfits

Dec. 6, 2006 – PREE RELEASE

For Immediate Release Contact: Alexa Ferotina
December 6, 2006 501-442-0099 sales@londonstimes.us


Cartoonist and E-entrepreneur Rick London, founder of Londons Times Cartoons (www.londonstimes.us) and Londons Times Superstore (www.londonstimessuperstore.com)
announced today the launch of Londons Times SMART E-CARDS http://www.londonstimes.us/ecards/ecards.html

London explains as he grins, “This is no ordinary ecard site. There are some major differences. First, it is only for geniuses. Now don’t get me wrong, if one is not a genius, they are welcome to apply.
We give no Mensa test ahead of time. My point is, this is no an ecard site for everyone. At the risk of being offensive, our demographic studies show, for instance, that this site might not be for kids, persons without at least one college degree, or people who read those yellow and black “….For Dummies” books.

However having a PHD in physics is not necessarily a criteria to subscribe to Londons Times Cartoons Ecards. We have plenty of brilliant cab drivers, hard labor workers and other well-read, self-educated people who use us often. We are not snobs at LTC. We simply want the market to know they finally have a place to send a Smart E-Card. Each egreeting consists of a Londons Times
Cartoon at the top, a huge selection of music (optional) to add to the card, a box for any length personal message, optional smilies, and much more.

London adds, “On a more serious note, I believe the major differences in ours is that it is a very niche site. Though I certainly don’t consider myself a genius by any means, I do have some very smart friends, and they do appreciate receiving ecards that are not “formula”; that is, very unique and original. Most of them, like me, laughed at nearly every Far Side by Gary Larson. We
have made an attempt to fill that gaping void left when he retired in 1995. And no, we dare no compare ourselves to ‘the master, Gary Larson’…we are simply attempting to create an offbeat humor concept that many of us so sorely miss. And thus far the feedback and reviews have been very positive.”

“We do not make up for lack of meaningful and funny content by adding flash and animation. There certainly is a niche that appreciate that and I respect it. It simply is not who we are targeting.”

“We offer some other unique services as well. Several thousand ecards. We do categorize them but not into birthdays, holidays, etc. That is because almost any of the ecards could be sent for a multitude of reasons from anniversaries to graduation to the birth of a baby. The categories are science, society, relationships, pets, dogs, cats, sports and other topics of interest. Even though most are common
everyday topics the irony of the humor, we believe, appeals to the intellectual thinker.”

Londons Times Ecards also offers another unique feature. When a person signs up, he or she is not charged. It is a “stagnant” transaction for 30 days through Paypal or any major credit card through Paypal with no obligation. The subscriber can cancel any time before that and never be charged. In addition if they do decide to subscribe, it is only $8.50 a year and charged automatically
until canceled so they don’t have to go back and fill out any long forms (there’s no long forms to
fill out anyway).

London encourages egreeting senders to compare quality sites first. See what they charge. Look at their card inventory. We have several thousand and adding more each month. We charge half of our competitors. Of course there are free sites all over the Internet but if one previews their cards, they know when I say ‘You get what you pay for’ these are not just idle words. This is no a critique of free sites with mundane ecards, it is simply the fact that they are fulfilling a niche that is very different than ours.

London encourages everyone to drop by and try out the cards for free.
He says, “Free ecards are easy to find. But finding ecards for the high IQ right brainer is nearly impossible. We think we have found that market and are fulfilling it. It’s free to try, no obligation, and nothing to lose. http://www.londonstimes.us/ecards/ecards.html

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