K9s4COPs Founder Honored as a "Harvey's Hero" on "Steve Harvey Show"

K9s4COPs Founder, Kristi Schiller, receives the honor of being named a “Harvey’s Hero” on Thursday’s episode of the “Steve Harvey Show.”

Houston, TX, April 21, 2015 –(PR.com)– Thursday, K9s4COPs takes over Chicago for the ‘Steve Harvey Show’

K9s4COPs Founder, Kristi Schiller, receives the honor of being named a “Harvey’s Hero” on this Thursday’s (April 23) episode of the ‘Steve Harvey Show’. Little did Schiller know, there were nine K9 teams from across the country that were coming to surprise her and thank her for starting the organization that enabled them to get their K9 partner.

Between the tears, barking and laughter, Schiller explains her inspiration for K9s4COPs (Spoiler alert: He surprises her, too.) how K9s4COPs has grown, the impact they have had in your communities, and how you can help out.

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About K9s4COPs
K9s4COPs celebrated their 4 year anniversary a month prior to the show’s air date.

In that short amount of time, they have granted 85 K9s to 18 states, 53 departments and 5 schools. Each K9 costs between $10,000 to $15,000, so due to budget cuts and funding restraints, many departments go without. K9s4COPs is there to fill that void for those departments and not allow funding to be an issue. In Houston alone, K9s4COPs teams have removed over $50 million worth of cash and contraband from the streets.

K9s4COPs is ran solely from donations, which you can support online at: www.K9s4COPs.org.

For more information, please contact:
Lauryn Sanford, Creative Director
832-573-6413 or Lauryn@K9s4COPs.org
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K9s4COPs Officers & Founder with Steve Harvey
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