KH Direct Media Highlights Reinvention Principles for Entrepreneurs

KH Direct Media’s specialists take a look at how some of the most successful business endeavors morphed into something better with a little reinvention.

Coral Springs, FL, August 01, 2015 –(– KH Direct Media highlights the small businesses that reinvented themselves. Reinvention is the art of knowing when it’s time to change direction, rework an invention to make it more plausible or profitable, or to try a new business tactic altogether. No matter which way the inventor, entrepreneur or small business owner goes, there are common principles to take into consideration. Reinvention is needed to keep things fresh or just to change pace. KH Direct Media helps creative thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground.

About Kevin Harrington
Kevin Harrington is a leader, mentor, and an inspiration to entrepreneurs around the world. He continually shares his business knowledge and well-honed entrepreneurial skills with viewers. Kevin was selected as one of the original ‘Shark Tank’ Sharks on the ABC hit show in 2009. As an innovator and pioneer in the industry, Kevin has been featured on over 150 Shark Tank segments on both ABC and CNBC. He is also the founder of As Seen on TV.

About KH Direct Media
KH Direct Media has partnered with online e-commerce site as part of a massive DRTV Media test to find the best and most innovative products for TV. The new venture creates product awareness and raises branding to new heights, while providing consumer products which have been tested and are ready for the next level of promotion from product managers such as Angelo Ferraro. For more information, please visit the website.
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