Laser Photonics introduces the i-Series Fiber Laser Marking Kit for UID Marking

Dec. 18, 2006 – Laser Photonics, a division of Fonon Technology International, Inc. ( the world-renowned inventor and manufacturer of equipment based on Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology™ (ZWLCT™), released the new integrated Fiber Laser Marking Kit for direct parts marking (DPM), UID, and deep engraving.

The i-Series Fiber Laser Kit is an integrated package consisting of a laser scan head controllers, and power supply in just one component. (i-Series FLMK) A traditional laser kit requires a set of cables and interconnects for installation. However, with the iSeries FLMK, not only has the number of cables been reduced, but installation and integration has been made easier.

For quick start-ups or changeovers from existing systems, the plug-and-play software offers users the ultimate in control, quality and speed versus competitive marking technologies. As an option, an external PC is connected via USB to the laser unit, but can be disconnected once all information is programmed into this new technology. The result? A cutting-edge system that can be integrated into any production line at a cost reduction of nearly 25% over traditional fiber laser systems.

Defense & UID Standards:

With the cost reductions of no consumables and very low power consumption, the i-Series Fiber Laser Marking Kit is the most cost effective, eco-friendly and flexible method of DPM, UID, and deep engraving. The FLMK benefits the aerospace, automotive, medical, and defense industries along with other markets.

Recently, the Department of Defense (DoD) implemented a standard known as the UID or Unique Identifier. The mark is a unique part identification unit to help track products from production through sales and operations, even back to maintenance. A permanent identifier is required for any item the DoD receives that costs over $5,000, is serial managed, is a consumable or is mission essential and part of a controlled inventory. President and CEO, Demitri Nikitin, of Laser Photonics states:

“Considering the new traceability law, introduction of UID standards, and DPM requirements, business opportunities are expanding. With the necessity of marking inventory totaling more than 97 million items in the military segment alone, the fiber laser marking systems and equipment demand exceeds a billion dollars a year. What Laser Photonics offers is less expensive, higher in quality, simpler in operation, and more efficient than any other comparable products on the market.”

The i-Series FLMK is a safe, compact, service-free laser kit designed to meet individual marking needs. It has the ability to mark a wide variety of materials using many different techniques. These techniques include marking of alphanumeric, logos, serial numbers, part numbers, lot and date codes, schematics, graphics, deep engraving and more. It can be delivered as a stand-alone system to be integrated into any production line or with full turnkey workstations.

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