Last Minute Ideas For Holiday Shoppers

Dec. 21, 2006 – Although an ever-increasing number of consumers are using the Internet to locate products and services, more and more are finding that convenience isn’t the only benefit online shopping offers. Throughout the history of retailing, shoppers’ number one priority has been saving money on their purchases.

Now, an innovative company is about to bring this new generation of online shoppers back to their roots by offering a huge range of discount coupons at their newly launched website called Deals will be available on the site from major retailers that are some of the nation’s biggest leading brands. Some of these include: Ashford, Target, Petco, Brookstone, Macy’s, Old Navy, American Express, EastBay, Blue Nile, Lego, and Hallmark, to name a few. is a new venture that seeks to capitalize on the success of parent company FabulousSavings. FabulousSavings was founded in 1999 with the intention of assisting small and mid-sized businesses to use the Internet as a lead generation tool, and at the same time to convert Internet browsers into qualified buyers by providing information and incentives at one easy-to-navigate website. Seven years later and well after the implosion, FabulousSavings has become one of the most successful Internet Marketing companies in the world. The company’s success was recognized this past June at the prestigious 2006 Linkshare Awards when FabulousSavings won the coveted Innovative Affiliate Of The Year Award.

According to visionary online entrepreneur and Chief Strategist of both FabulousSavings and, Michael Yack, (known by everyone as Mikey) takes the concept of smart & savvy online shopping one step further by focusing on coupons.

“Not just any coupons, by the way,” Yack is quick to point out. “ is destination coupon site that gives shoppers not only the best deals, but the most current deals and up to approximately 35% off purchases!

Our goal is to have shoppers go to when they fire up their computers in the morning to check our deals because they know they’re updated daily.” Yack is also catering to shoppers who complain that finding the best deals is anything but fun. “What we’re doing here at is doing the hard work and research for them, making it easier to find the coupon codes they need for a successful shopping experience. We want to share with shoppers the thrill of discovery and the joy of saving money on their favorite products – at one full-featured destination website.” Yack also wants the world to know that will even offer exclusive deals that cannot be found anywhere else online making it easy to CLICK, SHOP and SAVE.

The company is also making a huge opening splash with an exciting Holiday E-Prize Sweepstakes promotion that began on October 1st and runs until December 31st. Customers who register at have a chance to win $10,000 instantly.

The phenomenon of online coupons looks to be the next big thing in online retailing and is perfectly positioned to strike while the iron is hot. As an experienced, sophisticated yet non-intimidating trusted consumer resource, is seeking to inspire shoppers everywhere to exclaim, “Online coupons are so Fabu!”

ABOUT FABU.COM is an Internet marketing organization founded by Chief Strategist Michael Yack. The company specializes in providing online shoppers with a convenient, hassle-free “shopping center” where customers can save on their purchases through the use of coupons and discounts, many of those being exclusive to

The company’s website is

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