Leading Widget Companies Partner for ‘Year of Widgets’

Dec. 14, 2006 – For the first time, publishers will be able to ‘widgetize’ their content and let users publish it with one-click to their blog or web site by combining MuseStorm widgets and Snipperoo distribution. MuseStorm publisher widgets will be automatically listed on the Snipperoo directory.

2007 to be ‘Year of the Widget’

The CEO’s of leading widget startups, MuseStorm and Snipperoo, announced today that they were to integrate with each other’s applications in order to speed distribution and adoption of Internet widgets across the world.

Many important Web commentators have recently made the observation that 2007 will be the year in which Web widgets become a crucial part of everyday use of the Internet. Bloggers, social networkers and small publishers will use widgets to add content to their Web sites.

Ivan Pope, founder and CEO of Snipperoo, said: ‘We believe that widgets represent the next wave of Internet development. We are already seeing the ‘widgetisation’ of content as producers move to allow millions of Web site owners to produce content designed for their own sites. Our Universal Widget™ button allows any widget producer to offer an instant route for widget distribution to any end user. We are very happy to partner with MuseStorm as we believe that their widget technology represents one of the best methods for companies to generate their own widgets for distribution”

Ori Soen, co-founder and CEO of MuseStorm, said: “Widgets are increasingly becoming the preferred way for users to customize and personalize their websites, blogs and social networks. Using the Musestorm Widget Engine and Distribution service, publishers can now professionally ‘widgetize’ their content while tracking distribution and effectiveness of widgets across the Web. We are glad to partner with Snipperoo which we believe provides a great service for end users by helping them to discover and manage their widgets“

What are Widgets?

Widgets are mini-applications that run within Web pages. Widgets are used to place content on web sites or to provide interactive services. Users easily add widgets to blogs, social networks and personal websites, no programming knowledge is required.

Widgets are becoming the foremost method for users to personalize their blogs and web pages.

About MuseStorm
MuseStorm, an Israeli company founded at 2005, offers the first Widget engine and distribution service that enables publishers to professionally syndicate their content to millions of blogs, social network users and personal websites.

Using MuseStorm’s service publishers can:

Create widgets from existing content (RSS/XML based data), no programming required
Allow users to easily customize widgets
Give users an easy way to place widgets on blogs, social networks and websites
Track widget distribution, usage and effectiveness using advanced analytics

About Snipperoo

Snipperoo is a UK company that was founded at the end of 2005 to develop a widget distribution platform. The founder and CEO, Ivan Pope, is a long term UK Internet entrepreneur whose previous companies include Webmedia and NetNames.

Snipperoo’s service, The Universal Widget™, allows users to:

Collect widgets from any source
Add and remove widgets in their web site
Add widgets to their account with the ‘one click’ widget button

Contact Information

Ivan Pope, CEO
+44 7768 625546
+44 1273 818848

Ori Soen, CEO
+972 3 9349304
+972 54 8062040

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