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Nov. 26, 2006 – The leading OLED information websites Oled-display.net and oled.at (German) has a brand new design. OLED-Display.net inform you about Organic LEDs (OLED/PLED), the next display technology that promises to deliver thin, power efficient and bright displays.

The first organic displays that will hit the market will be Passive-matrix. The first LCD screens were passive, and OLED will follow suit. They are fairly simple structures. They will be more expensive, and consume a lot more power than other types of OLEDs.

They will be found in smaller devices with screens smaller than three inches, like MP3 players and cell phones. Passive-matrix is made up of a matrix of electrically-conducting rows and columns making pixels. Between the rows and the columns are the organic layers. On the other side is the substrate, the material which gives the electricity. The more current applied, the brighter the display.

Organic-Displays are the latest and most promising buzzwords in display technology.

To give you an idea of their potential, imagine a cardboard-thin TV screen.

Now imagine that you can roll up your TV,

put it away or carry it wherever you go. Automatically, you start appreciating why millions, if not billions, of dollars are being poured into OLED research every year.

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