Leatt Corporation Begins Distribution of Neck Brace

Dec. 4, 2006 – CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Leatt Corporation (Pink Sheets: LEAT.PK), a Nevada, USA Corporation headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, and the developer of the Leatt-Brace™, a Neck Brace System designed to help prevent potentially devastating motor sport injuries to the cervical spine (neck), today announced that it has begun to ship Leatt-Brace™ MOTO GPX neck brace to distributors.

The first deliveries are being split amongst Leatt Corporation’s distributors, such as Autofocus, for sale in Australia and New Zealand, as well as distributors in the UAE. Production allocations are also being made for distribution in North America, European Union and South Africa. The initial production run is of medium sized neck braces.

“We are extremely pleased that the Leatt-Brace™ MOTO GPX is in production,” said Dr. Chris Leatt, President and C.E.O of the Leatt Corporation. He further added, “The next step is to get our other models of this brace into production and in so doing offer all motor sports competitors, what we believe to be, a superior form of neck protection.

About The Leatt Corporation: The Leatt Corporation is the exclusive global distributor of the Leatt-Brace™, a Neck Brace designed to prevent or lessen the severity of potentially devastating motor sport injuries to the cervical spine (neck). The company’s operations and research and development of the core products currently take place at the Leatt Corporation’s offices in Cape Town, South Africa.

For more information on the Leatt-Brace™, please visit the company website at www.leatt-brace.com. Any web site or any portion thereof referenced herein is not part of this press release.

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