Lettuce Dream Announces Land Donation to Provide Employment for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

The Lettuce Dream organization recently received a donation of three acres of land to start the construction of two hydroponic greenhouses that will provide fresh, locally grown produce for the region and jobs for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities.
The acreage has been donated by Mark and Myles Burnsides and is located in the Maryville Eastside Development, near the intersection of East First Street and the Highway 71/136 bypass.
“The board is delighted and so very grateful for this generous donation,” said Diane Francis, president of the board of directors for Lettuce Dream. “This location could not be better for our greenhouse project.”
The board of directors for Lettuce Dream is diligently working to raise capital to build the facility that will consist of several greenhouses, office and administration space, production and distribution areas, and most importantly, room to house an education and training site for the individuals who will work for the organization. As soon as the committee has raised the funds to complete the first phase of the project, building the greenhouses and construction will begin. The board plans to begin leveling the land in April in preparation for construction in the future.
The project is a regional effort which will benefit all of northwest Missouri. The mission revolves around providing training opportunities for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities, and additionally, improving the health and wellness of the community by providing area restaurants, grocers, schools and families with delicious, nutritious, locally-grown greens. Lettuce Dream’s mission is to provide a positive, integrated workplace for community members, as well as education and hands-on experience in many fields of study, including business and agriculture.
The facility will provide opportunities for the Lettuce Dream employees and individuals undergoing training to develop hydroponic growing techniques and business skills which will become stepping stones to their employment futures. Community members may volunteer at the greenhouses, expanding their knowledge of hydroponic technology and aiding in bringing fresh produce to their community.
“We sincerely hope the entire community will join us in making this happen,” Francis said.
For more information about the project or to donate to the cause, please contact Diane at (660) 562-0249 or Wayne Pierson at (660) 562-9810.
About Lettuce Dream
Lettuce Dream is a not-for-profit social enterprise in Maryville, Mo. that has been created to meet the needs of individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities in the northwest Missouri region by providing training in hydroponic greenhouses and training them for future career opportunities. Employees and volunteers will tend to the hydroponics system, which can grow produce 365 days a year with quick turnaround, utilizing no herbicides in a warm, relaxing environment, and the community will benefit from the locally-grown produce.