Leyla Najma 1st Belly Dancer to Offer Online Dance Instruction Using High Quality No Buffering Video

Dec. 31, 2006 – Albuquerque, NM – Popular Albuquerque Belly Dancer, Leyla Najma has announced that she is making available her popular Hip Phylosophy™ instructional DVD on line using the highest quality, no buffering video technology and is the 1st Belly Dancer in the world to make her instructional material available online.

Leylas Hip Phylosophy™ instructional DVD is no nonsense instructional DVD that shows belly dancers how to improve the speed, strength and flexibility of their hips. “I am really excited about making my DVD available on line. The quality of the video is clear and online availability means dancers don’t have to wait for the DVD to be delivered and eliminating shipping means I can make my DVD available at a reduced price, “said Leyla. Leyla goes on to say that ; “Like a TV, I have 5 channels I can use and though I am only using a single channel at this time I believe the technology we’ve selected positions us to leverage the trend towards on line video and take advantage of the coming integration of the computer and the television”.

Additional information about accessing Hip Phylosophy™ online can be obtained by from Leylas website at http://www.leyla-najma.com. Company policies prohibit Leyla from mentioning the name of the company providing video delivery services but Leyla has made a sample of Leylas Hip Phylosophy on line at http://www.maxcast.com/leylasclips. Other dancers interested in getting their videos online should contact Leyla through her website.

About Leyla Najma
Based in Albuquerque, NM, Leyla Najma has been teaching and performing for 22 years. Her style combines Egyptian Cabaret and Lebanese elements that blend traditional and contemporary themes, rhythms and music bringing forth fresh movements and presentations.

Leyla Najma

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