Link2VoIP announces the launch of its Managed Solutions Service

Dec. 4, 2006 – Link2VoIP announces the launch of its Managed Solutions Service


Edmonton, AB, Canada — Monday December 4, 2006 – Link2VoIP, a leader in high-performance data communications, and VoIP-based services, today announced the commercial availability of its new managed solutions department for small, medium, and large sized businesses.

Starting immediately, Link2VoIP is providing business customers the ability to purchase channelized VPRI business phone lines, no contracts, and no minimum channel or DID/PRI investment all via the Internet. The other Managed Solutions allows the Link2VoIP staff the ability to control customer’s IP Telephony PBXs; including the ability to troubleshoot network problems, and perform full system maintenance and updates at affordable consulting rates.

“Link2VoIP’s Managed Solutions is a vital service for helping companies manage and optimize their IP telephony infrastructure in converged networks. This service provides the flexibility to reduce troubleshooting time by identifying and monitoring virtually all VoIP applications, protocols, and applications simultaneously. Link2VoIP can also reduce the total cost of ownership by being able to bring everything into a centrally managed network,” said Nathan Wosnack, Director of Managed Solutions.
As Voice-over-IP (VoIP) moves from test to full-blown implementations in more and more organizations, the ability to distinguish, track, manage and protect voice traffic — as well as mission-critical and revenue-affecting applications — becomes paramount.
“The continual need for a cost-effective, reliable, redundant, and secure phone service makes Link2VoIP’s Managed Solutions a lucrative investment for businesses looking to save money by downsizing their in-house telecom departments,” said Nathan Wosnack. “As demand for this emerging technology grows so does the opportunity for our company to expand this managed VoIP department and introduce new and exciting products and services.”
Link2VoIP is backed by a 100% SLA power uptime (UPS, Diesel Generator), 99.99% SLA (Data/Voice) uptime, raised flooring, air filtration, humidity management, Intergen™ gas fire suppression, locked cabinets/cages, 24/7 armed security, 48,000 Mbps of wired fiber optics for voice and data communication (fully redundant).

For more information about the Managed Solutions service and pricing plans, or to talk to a Link2VoIP managed solutions representative, e-mail: or call 1-780-669-0901 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Mountain Time). For further information on Link2VoIP, visit

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