Linson Trading Launches New Website to Revolutionize Bitcoin Investing Throughout the International Community

Linson Trading is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative and user-friendly website making it easier for investors to reap the benefit of Bitcoin investing.
Linson Trading offers amazing advantages, including worldwide acceptance and benefits of a system without exchange rates and transaction fees. They are benefits mainly unique when compared to other recognized currencies. The fast growth record of this currency is clearly shown as it was valued at $1 in 2010 and increased its value to over $1,000 in 2014. For any investor, it is an opportunity that makes this currency of the future the investment of today.
As Joseph Hamnet, CEO at Linson Trading, explains “BitCoin with other digital currencies is changing perceptions worldwide regarding views and uses of money. Linson Trading is a guide to understanding the innovation of investment in this digital currency, including merchant payments and low-cost remittances. For many investors, their portfolios can be related to performing a balancing act with their basic income often counteracting their speculative investments. It is for this reason that this digital currency should be included in every investment portfolio.”
Linson Trading undertake to pay investors the guaranteed interest related to alternative investments, as well as personally assisting them with direct investment in this popular digital currency. They offer exceptional innovative training and workshops in digital currency trading and equity stakes and shares in existing Bitcoin related companies. Linson Trading offers investors the option of a Progressive Fund and a Conservative Fund, supported by a recently updated, user-friendly website. It provides a side-by-side product comparison and investment calculator!
Added incentives that Linson Trading offers are a reduced performance fee from 10% to 7% for their Progressive Fund and only 5% for the Conservative Fund. Whether buying or generating wealth, awareness of the most efficient and effective methods of investing and spending cash are critical issues. Moreover, the company offers increased Interest Rate for the Conservative Fund at 1.50 – 3.60% (previously 1.39-3.10%).
For further information on Linson Trading’s services, visit today.
Linson Trading, based in Sweden, is currently revolutionizing how the globe invests in companies that are related to Bitcoin, as well as Bitcoin itself, including many projects.