Highlights Star Wars Memorabilia in its Weekly Free Article

Nov. 10, 2006 – Nov. 10, 2006–A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

The Star Wars saga begins!!!

As the theater darkens, the popcorn settles and the soda disappears, onscreen the creatures cavort, the galactic wars escalate and the planets explode in a spine-tingling adventure fantasy.

The 1977 Star Wars Episode 4 movie was a clear collision of imagination, state of the art special effects and just plain fun. A classic pop culture tale of good vs. evil.

It was one of the first films to really take advantage of merchandizing. When Lucas negotiated the deal with Fox to make the film, the studio was surprised to see he wasn’t asking for tons of money.

He wanted control. Lucas wanted the right to the final cut of the film, 40 percent of the net box-office gross, all rights to future sequels and ownership of all the merchandising rights associated with Star Wars.

At the time science fiction films weren’t really popular and sequel and merchandizing rights were worthless. Fox was sure they were cleaning up on the deal.

In the end, the film made Lucas a billionaire and cost Fox a fortune in lost revenues.
Each new Star Wars film was a mother load of tie-in products.

Everything from Pez dispensers, shampoo bottles and electric toothbrushes to movie posters, action figures and stuffed toys came on the market. Its mind-boggling how much still shows up and how much people will buy.

Movie memorabilia is a pretty new field of collecting. As a rule, the older the Star War items are and the better their condition, the more desirable. Original packaging also drives the value up.

On July 12-13 Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas, Texas, offered a selection of Star Wars movie posters in its movie poster auction.

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