Living or Buying Property in Crete, Greece? New guide tells all.

Nov. 22, 2006 – Taking off those rose coloured glasses and uncovering the basic issues which many a buyer or would-be expat may choose to overlook in their enthusiasm of following their dream, this just released guide book informs the buyer or potential resident of the many possible pitfalls along the way, and how they can be avoided.

Pooling twenty years experience of living and working on the island of Crete Carol Palioudakis set up a website to help those moving to Crete. Due to demand from her readers for wide ranging advice on all aspects of living in Crete, and potential problems, she has now published the exceptionally detailed guide book ‘Living in Crete. A Guide to Living, Working, Retiring & Buying Property in Crete’.

Advice on where to go, who to contact, and what NOT to do. Buying to rent, tax obligations, how to deal with Greek bureaucracy, finding rental accommodation, how the Greek health system works, employment opportunities and more. In short, a one- stop survival manual no property buyer, long or short term resident in Crete should leave home without.

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