Local Accountant, Todd Burg, Celebrates More Than 10 Years with St. Pete CPA Firm

Certified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Financial Forensics, his focus in this field is complemented with a wide range of accounting experience gained over thirty years.
An alumnus of Auburn University, Todd Burg, CPA started his professional accounting career with a well-known national accounting firm. After gaining years of functional accounting experience, he joined a local, more specialized firm. The skills and understanding he gained while handling legal and small business finances at the national level directly contributed to his current specialty. His acumen as a certified public accountant is well known, and his reputation for high quality investigative and forensic accounting is unrivaled.
Forensic accounting is often used in litigation and other court battles. There are numerous applications in any number of legal situations involving family law, taxes, bankruptcy, or criminal activity. C Todd Burg’s wide range of experience in discovering hidden assets and a natural attention to detail has delivered impressive results to his clients. The preparation and investigation phase any of financial forensic case is critical, and he has a passion for getting to the truth when uncovering hidden assets. After finding the facts, careful documentation of the findings is crucial for his clients’ attorneys to use the information in the most beneficial manner. The final phase of many of his clients’ cases is delivering meaningful testimony in court to ensure that the judge and jury fully understand the facts of the situation.
Born and raised in St Petersburg, Todd feels good knowing that his forensic accounting services can make the community stronger. Assets are hidden for many reasons, some illegal or unethical. It takes a credentialed and experienced accountant to identify concealed assets, and Todd Burg, CPA is honored to have served and to continue to serve his Tampa Bay clients in this field.