Local Company Announces Affiliation with Amigo Health and Veretekk

Nov. 22, 2006 – Kerrville, Texas, November 22,2006.
The Footehold Two, a home-based business since 1998, proudly announces its affiliation with Amigo Health, a part of Natural Health Labs in Colorado. Amigo Health has created a 3-in-1 superfoods powerhouse of acai, mangosteen, and goji, which can be delivered by vegetable capsule or a powder that can be mixed with water or other juices for a flavorful drink for the whole family.

Testimonials from users of the Amigo Health products list some of the benefits as being reduced blood sugar levels in Type 2 Diabetes, improved joint flexibility with much less pain, enhanced mental accuity, fewer food allergies, relief from migraines, fewer asthma attacks, less pain from fibromyalgia, and even the improvement or disappearance of cancer.

In an interview with Dr.Gwen A.Roberts-Foote, CEO and Consultant for Footehold Two, she expressed gratitude for being a part of the Amigo Juice Team, under Mentor and Trainer, Jim Gras of Southern Florida. She went on to explain that the team recognizes and utilizes the unique talents of the team members without regard to level of education, age, ethnic origin, health, or gender. The team slogan, The more you learn, the more you earn and the mission statement, “No networker left behind”, are not just empty words according to Dr. Gwen, but are put into daily action and practice.

The Amigo Juice Team utilizes the advanced marketing system designed and developed by Thomas Prendergast, CEO, and Mike Darling, President, of Veretekk/Inetekk. In using the more than 20 traffic portals, the team generates its own leads, blasts ads to millions, drills deep through these portals, and receive free training from industry leaders, almost on a 24/7 basis.

In closing Dr. Gwen states, “I have been in organizations, associations, and teams throughout my career, but never have I experienced the unselfish willingness to help and take joy in the success of the team members. Being a part of this team has been a real blessing unlike any other experience.”

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