London’s Most Secretive Service Which Caters For The Multimillionaires, Dignitaries And Excutives


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London’s most secretive service which caters for the multimillionaires, dignitaries and the worlds leading companies. Welcome to the world of the Gentleman’s Fixer.

What if you’re a multimillionaire and you have a problem, who are you going to call that you can trust? Welcome to the hush, hush world of the Private Fixer. Perfect Knowledge is an extremely discreet company that caters for captains of industries, ultra high net worth individuals and dignitaries.

Do not be mistaken they are not a concierge services but offer a specialised service dealing with personal affairs either publicly or privately on their client’s behalf. These people are known only by a select few within the industry as Private Fixers or Gentleman’s Fixer. Many of their clients are extremely rich and sensitive and do not wish to inform the public of their particular situation. offers the highest level of personalised arrangements where requests are dealt with ensuring total discretion for their clients. These services are aimed at corporate executives, celebrities and discerning individuals where money is no object and discretion is paramount. Many clients can afford whatever they want to ensure that their brief is completed; this includes facilitating meeting on the client’s behalf privately to ensure initial introduction and contacts are made away from prying eyes. This is where the Gentleman’s Fixer’s character is unique using his diplomacy skills to introduce and secure the clients brief. Trust is the main key where a gentleman’s honour is his bond but there is only one golden rule you don’t talk about what you do.

Since the clients are public figures they need someone who can work out of sight. That’s the essential job of a fixer. Perfect Knowledge has a system in place where by their own staffs do not know who they are working for. High profile client’s names are coded so that the staff will never know the identity to ensure complete confidentiality. Many clients will have their own private staff for their everyday needs, we work along side them and sometimes we work outside the organisation. We source, inquire, advise and purchase products and services on our client’s behalf. We offer a range of services where our clients can talk to us about anything ensuring complete trust and where their secrets are never told or sold.

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