Love Sami Organization Helps Grieving Suicide Survivors to Heal

Love Sami Organization, a non profit dedicated to suicide prevention, advocacy and awareness, helps suicide survivors by providing funding for these individuals to experience unique one a a kind interactions which have a therapeutic healing effect: swimming with a baby tiger cub or swimming with a dolphin.

Love Sami Organization Helps Grieving Suicide Survivors to Heal Fort Lauderdale, FL, May 19, 2015 –(– Love Sami Organization, a non-profit dedicated to suicide advocacy, awareness and education, was founded out of a desire to help heal suicide survivor John Coburn, whose nineteen year old daughter, Sami, took her life to suicide in August of last year. John, like any parent losing a child to suicide, has been tormented with grief, overwhelming sadness and many other mixed emotions. He found that when he was able to reach out to others suffering from a suicide loss by helping them, it brought great comfort to him. In forming Love Sami Organization it is his sincere wish to help others that have experienced losing loved ones due to suicide, to bring to them healing and peace. To this end, the Love Sami Organization is unique, in that they provide one of a kind extraordinary experiences, which have been shown to be therapeutic in the healing process. As an example, swimming with a three month old baby tiger cub, holding and cuddling a baby monkey, having a shark sit on their lap, taking part in a research shark tagging trip, learning to snorkel or dive, visiting theme parks in Orlando, sound healing and so much more. All of this provided to suicide survivors at no cost as Love Sami Organization provides the funding for these experiences. Love Sami Organization also is working on helping to pass legislation for stricter enforcement of drugs with adverse effects of suicidal tendencies as well as bullying laws. Love Sami also works with other suicide and grief programs and organizations to synergistically create a united front for healing.

Love Sami is taking a group of veterans and their families, all that have attempted suicide, May 24th to swim with an alligator at one of Love Sami’s sponsors, Dade City’s Wild Things, a conservation zoo. While at the zoo, the veterans and their families will be able to have hands on experiences with many of the wildlife creatures at the zoo. Future plans are to incorporate an art therapy program, and a Love Sami Village in the Florida Keys, where survivors can come for an array of healing experiences, as well as a retreat style experience in a gorgeous setting. Survivors can take part in healing massages, paddle boarding, yoga, meditation and so much more. Currently there is a Go Fund Me program to fund Billboards in Florida, where Love Sami is based out of and New Jersey, which is where Sami lived. The billboard signs will provide the Suicide Hotline number.

Suicide is a sore subject, it is the proverbial white elephant. Sadly the stigma associated with suicide, that the subject is taboo, needs to be changed. Suicide, mental health and depression are subjects which can no longer be ignored. Love Sami hopes to create awareness of these devastating causes and hopes to create a wave which will “Spread the Love”, as Sami’s sister, Megan Coburn, has said is exactly what Sami would have wanted the world to be.
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