Lucideon Publishes Revised Guide: Toxic Metal Release from Ceramic and Glass Tableware in Contact with Food

Lucideon, the international provider of materials development, testing and assurance, has published a revised edition of its worldwide regulations and standards guide for the safe use of ceramic and glass tableware in contact with food.

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom, April 30, 2015 –(– The comprehensive handbook indexes the regulations or standards for over 80 countries and economic areas, listing the relevant test methods and metal migration limits in an easy-to-use table.

The guide is primarily a tool for ceramic, glass and enamel ware manufacturers, however, exporters, importers, retailers, glaze or colour manufacturers and testing facilities will also find it a useful resource to ensure their products conform to international standards and regulations.

Electronic and/or hard copies of the guide are now available, priced £595. To purchase a copy or for further information, please contact Joanne Dawson, Environmental Information Scientist: +44 (0)1782 764245 or

Notes to Editors

Coloured glazes applied to ceramic, glass and enamel ware may contain heavy metals such as lead or cadmium that could be released to varying degrees. The amount of migration from the ware to food is dependent on the: quality of the glaze, temperature at which the ceramic was fired, type of food and duration of product contact.

Compliance testing of decorated ceramic and glass tableware must be carried out for metals that are used in some colours and glazes. This is done to establish not only safety, but conformity with the legally allowed maximum levels of migration and to ensure continued consumer protection.
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