Macintosh Electric Corp Supports Special Olympics of New York

Yonkers, NY, August 08, 2015 –(– It is that time of season where contributions are collected and generosity is scarce. In today’s economy it is tough to draw donations from the small business sectors. Large companies are contributing like Dick’s Sporting Goods and their goal is to support school sports across the country. Major Corps find great tax breaks, but what about 98% of corporate USA?

Macintosh Electric Corp is among a New York City licensed electrical contractor that is active in contributing to their local communities. The Manhattan New York and Yonkers based Macintosh Electric Corp supports the Special Olympics of New York and encourages other new small business to do the same.

Macintosh Electric Corp, Licensed and Insured since 1994. Proudly servicing New York City and Westchester County (All five boroughs: Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island).
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