Magnetic Glass White Board Products from Krystal™ Writing Boards Inc. Help Sales Teams Engage Audiences

Holbrook, NY-based manufacturer of display board products, Krystal Writing Boards Inc. are now helping brands capture the attention of buyers through their latest display option. The company’s magnetic glass white board product is designed for streamlined appeal within sales campaigns and can capture the attention of audiences while driving a professional branding appeal for a range of organizations.

Holbrook, NY, May 08, 2015 –(– Companies must be careful in selecting their choice of white board for boardroom and sales presentation environments. That’s because ghosting, denting and other board defects can detract from the presentation, causing audiences to lose faith in the information being presented. Companies require display materials that highlight both the professionalism of their brand and the quality of their product lines. And that’s why many growing organizations are now turning to the specialists at Krystal™ Writing Boards, Inc. for superior quality magnetic glass white board products.

The durable magnetic white glass board products from Krystal Writing Boards, Inc. are designed for use in environments where important information is being presented to a business audience. The white-backing of the boards helps to reduce audience eyestrain to ensure they retain full concentration on the data highlighted by sales teams and other company stakeholders. A leading advantage of the Krystal™ product over those of their competitors is it can be designed in any style of shape. This means that the whiteboards could resemble a new company innovation, for cohesive marketing appeal. It also means that products can be refined uniquely for the parameters of the company’s boardroom environment, therefore helping to improve the viewing experience of presentation audiences. In addition, the design team at Krystal™ can etch the company’s branding information into their customized magnetic glass white board. For companies looking to maximize branding recognition in future campaigns, this latest option from Krystal™ Writing Boards, Inc. is the ideal display solution.

The experts at Krystal™ Writing Boards, Inc. are now inviting organizations to request their free quote. To learn more, please contact the company offices directly at 631 714-4700 or visit their business website today via
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