Maison Concierge Expands Corporate Concierge Services

Nov. 21, 2006 – Boca Raton, FL , November 15, 2006 – Personal concierge services are at its roots very basic. You have a need to get things done but don’t have the time to do them. Maison Concierge will assist you with your work/life balance and create more needed time in your day by accomplishing your tasks on our time.

Time has become the commodity of the century and will be more so in the decades to come. The popularity of concierge services stems from the fact that people are stressed, overworked and need help dealing with caring for their assets and protecting their time. People are embracing concierge services. For full-time residents, to retirees, to absentee owners time is the key. Companies are seeing the value in providing concierge services for their employees.

Maison Concierge provides home management, personal and corporate concierge services to seasonal and full-time residents of the area’s finer communities. Our objective is to eliminate the time, frustration and worry that typically accompany the maintenance and improvement of luxury properties. Problems are less costly when caught early and prompt action taken. Our personal concierge services will assist you in accomplishing those necessary tasks that keep you from enjoying your time in Florida.

In today’s environment, companies must work harder to earn their customer’s business and continued loyalty. Our clients view concierge services as a high-impact means of differentiating themselves from their competition through the creation of consistently positive and highly personal customer experiences with their brand or organization, and for generating increased revenue.

With increased workloads, long hours, and burdensome travel schedules, employees face work/life challenges that can detract from their on-the-job performance and enjoyment of restorative personal time. Increasingly, securities analysts are turning their attention to corporate turnover and attrition; work/life issues are moving to the boardroom.

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