Making Web Based ERP Solution Affordable

Nov. 25, 2006 – Besides being more cost effective, easier to install and maintain, web based ERPs offer easier access across geographical boundaries without needing additional investment for connectivity.

These and several other advantages over server-based ERPs prompted Mumbai-based eresource Infotech to launch eresource ERP a little over a year ago.
“Dos is dead, Windows is dying, Internet is the Future” is the mantra of Sudheer Nair, CEO, eresource Infotech. “Companies have begun asking for enterprise solutions that are broader in scope, address unique challenges and link their customers, suppliers, partners and branches across geography, and that too at a very cost effective price.”

Claiming to be the only 100% web based ERP solution in India, the solution also boasts of a capability to function on PDAs and mobile devices (tested on O2 and Nokia 9300 series).

Users can access information using web browsers – saving time and effort conventionally needed to train on using ERP. Also, eresource ERP can be updated and maintained without distributing and installing software on any of the client computers. Being web based, it is relatively more economic, low maintenance and entails lesser hardware requirement.

Driving home the edge Internet has, Nair said, “Internet and all its languages like HTML have survived for last 10 years. Even though Microsoft keeps changing versions of windows, the websites hosted in 1995 are still working without any upgrades or re-programming.”

Another major advantage is that it is platform and device independent, working on multiple operating systems, and needs to be installed at server end only.

Commenting on the response it has generated in the Indian market, Nair informed that the ERP has generated high demand despite low marketing efforts, achieving wins across verticals including Insurance, Industrial Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Fleet Management, Retail Management, Logistics and BPO, with 24 wins under its belt.

Factors like low one-time license and deployment costs – applicable for unlimited users, elimination of recurring costs like application license renewal charges make it an attractive proposition for SMEs. It is also being offered as a SaaS model.

The solution further conveniences organizations by offering modules they can deploy and scale up as per their needs and growth. These include CRM, SCM, Production and Planning, Quality, Finance Resource Management, HRM and IT Management.

Web based ERPs do however come with their own set of challenges – these include Internet connectivity, security, privacy and data loss, which vendors address with varying degrees of success.
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