Management by Initiatives: a New Paradigm for Management and Executing Strategy

Author and consultant Tab Edwards, through the Water Performance Academy (an entity of The Water Group), releases his latest book focused on effective management, executing strategy, and increasing success at achieving business results.

Management by Initiatives: a New Paradigm for Management and Executing Strategy Philadelphia, PA, April 30, 2015 –(– “This book is the culmination of my years of practical experience and research on business-unit-level strategy, management’s role in strategy execution, and why some strategies are more successfully realized than others,” says Tab Edwards of his new book entitled “Management By Initiatives.”

Management by Initiatives–or, MBI–is a new paradigm for business-unit leaders, functional leaders, and managers as they work toward achieving their organization’s objectives and accomplishing its goals. MBI makes the case that the most important things that managers can do toward optimal performance is to focus their efforts on realizing the initiatives that are defined in their organization’s strategic plan.

“By successfully realizing Initiatives,” says Edwards, “the manager significantly increases her/his success at achieving the associated objectives, which results in the accomplishment of the organization’s defined goals. In other words, the manager increases her/his success rate at executing the organization’s strategy by focusing their efforts on realizing Initiatives.”

The book will be available for sale (hard cover) on April 29th.

Tab Edwards is a consultant with The Water Group, a Philadelphia-based business services consultancy. His principles have been adopted by organizations around the world, and his best practices implemented by organizations of every type and size.
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