Manhattan Beach Residents Discover Affordable Massage For Pain & Stress Relief at Massage Revolution

Nov. 14, 2006 – Massage Revolution, a hip, affordable massage center providing all types of massages by highly skilled therapists specializing in signature treatments that get right to the source of peoples’ muscle pain opens in Manhattan Beach in January 2007.

Owner Michael Greenspan, Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, says “No longer is massage a luxury, but an essential health necessity. People need affordable solutions that target, release, and relieve their aches and pains. It is a revolution to bring affordable pain-relief to the masses yet also by changing so many lives with our special treatments to help get people pain-free.”

According to Mr. Greenspan, who has been teaching and practicing neuromuscular massage therapy for almost fifteen years, so many frustrated pain sufferers of headaches, back, neck, shoulder pain, and more can become totally pain-free with the proper massage treatments. “The potential benefits for treating pain, posture, and overall performance are huge with highly skilled massage therapists as long as the treatments are available at affordable prices.”

Massage Revolution will have over 20 skilled massage therapists on staff offering all varieties of massages such as swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, pregnancy, and more – all affordably as well. They are leading the way by helping people eliminate their aches and pains in 2007 with their contest to win an entire year of free massages at

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