Market Publishers Ltd Announced as Media Partner of the 2nd Annual CBRNe Summit 2015

Market Publishers Ltd is announced as a media partner of 2nd Annual CBRNe Summit 2015, taking place on the 25th – 27th February 2015, in Italy’s capital of Rome.
Today, the largest and most expected threat worldwide is a biological attack as this is a means for terrorists to target a great deal of civilians with a virus that can be transmitted very rapidly and effectively before first responders can provide a counter-measure drug product. This event will offer in-depth insights into medical intelligence to observe what medical and health services can do to get prepared for a biological outbreak. This could be implemented by conducting medical research into potential biological threats, or even stockpiling leading drugs to counter any kind of biological attack.
The 2nd CBRNe Summit 2015 will provide attendees with a deep overview of the major CBRNe threats being faced worldwide. Its main focus will be on the latest threat intelligence of a CBRNe attack on a city, railway station, airport, shopping centre, power grid, nuclear reactor, among others. There will also be a slew of valuable presentations on military-civil technologies, methodologies and application to get ready for, and respond to the complete scope of CBRNe threats and the outspread of weapons of mass destruction.
Event Details:
CBRNe Summit 2015
Date: 25th February 2015 – 27th February 2015
Venue: Hilton Rome Cavalieri 5* – Rome, Italy
Why to Attend?
Assess the latest threat intelligence tools and techniques employed by civil and military departments to potentially put a stop to a CBRNe attack
Discuss the most actual bio-threats which are currently being faced and the instant threat of a bio-attack
Gain profound knowledge of the complexities relating to combating biological hazards
Develop a deeper understanding of CBRNe counter-measures across Europe
Determine the significance of global co-operation in countering a CBRNe threat and/or attack
This year’s event obtains an official support from the NATO EOD Centre of Excellence, NATO Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence, Observatory on Security and CBRNe Defence (OSDIFE), University of the Republic of San Marino and University of Rome Tor Vergata.
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