MarketStorm Global Call for Entrepreneurship to be Taught in More Schools

On 25th November 2014, The Financial Times published an article titled ‘Business schools must champion entrepreneurial UK’ which provoked direct marketing firm MarketStorm Global to release their opinions on the subject. MarketStorm Global revealed that they believe students would value from entrepreneurial skills as they can be used in a number of day-to-day activities and can also be taken forward into a business environment. The firm also thinks that entrepreneurship actually makes usual lessons like Maths and English seem more interesting to students as it puts a different spin on everyday subjects and makes students more eager to learn.
About MarketStorm
MarketStorm Global also pointed out this week that it is important to show that entrepreneurship is a viable career choice because future generations need entrepreneurs to help the economy grow. Entrepreneurs contribute to the economy by opening businesses which provide new job opportunities and raise the consumer wage. This gives consumers more confidence to spend money which also drives the economy. For this reason the firm are calling for more to be done to encourage young peopleto pursue entrepreneurship. MarketStorm Global points out that entrepreneurship can be an extremely rewarding career choice but aspiring entrepreneurs must be prepared for the challenges they will face.
MarketStorm Global says that, as well as teaching entrepreneurial lessons, schools should be injecting a spirit of entrepreneurship into their education and teachers can start enthusing pupils about their learning. As well as this schools could allow students to start their own businesses within the school. Pursuing little acts of entrepreneurship such as selling clothes they have made, or opening a sweet shop can really allow students to build their confidence and harness the spirit of entrepreneurship.
To support their recent claims, MarketStorm Global found that one school that has already implemented this, and the practice has been found to have had a massive impact on their overall results. Before the school adopted the entrepreneurial scheme only 23% of pupils obtained five A* to C grades at GCSE. But after the scheme had been introduced this rose to 64% and staff predict that this year it will rise again to 66% of pupils achieving five A* to C grades.
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MarketStorm Global supports aspiring entrepreneurs through their Business Development Program. The program is designed to teach young aspiring entrepreneurs all the skills needed to run a successful business including sales techniques, leadership skills, decision making, hosting an interview, choosing a team and motivating a team.