Mayhem Studios Gets Creatively Self-Employed in New Book

Nov. 7, 2006 – Los Angeles, Calif. – November 7, 2006 – Mayhem Studios, award-winning design firm featured in Kristen Fischer’s new book, Creatively Self-Employed: How Writers and Artists Deal with Career Ups and Downs, published by iUniverse is expected to be released in December of 2006.

Kristen Fischer, Author of Creatively Self-Employed: How Writers and Artists Deal with Career Ups and Downs, gives high praises for the Studio’s contributions.

“This book exposes what life is like after people have the guts to go into business based on their talents. With more than 65 creatives speaking out about issues such as rejection and isolationism, it’s refreshing to have a book like this on the market.

I am pleased to have Calvin Lee, Principal of Mayhem Studios contribute, as he had a lot to say about being creatively self-employed. His honesty helped make the book so relatable.”

The Studio is featured among the 65 real-life stories of how designers, writers, and artist deal with the good and bad of living off their talents, dealing with rejection, building a support system, growing your business and even dealing with the independent contractor loneliness. It offers practical business advice for dealing with unique situations that creatives often find themselves in.

Fischer is a freelance writer who specializes in creating marketing collateral for a wide array of businesses. After more than three years of working 9-to-5 jobs, she started her writing business in 2003. She has contributed to Men’s Health magazine, Philadelphia magazine, Skope magazine and College Bound magazine. She lives in Manasquan, New Jersey. please visit

Lee serves as a member of the Platt College Advisory Board for the Visual Communications Department, Management Team and on the Committee. Lee is also the organizer and president of the Los Angeles Designers Association.

Mayhem Studios is a small award-winning design firm located in Los Angeles. Developing identity and brand recognition for the business sector across the nation. The Studio uses strategic and creative design with effective messages targeted to the client’s specific audiences to produce identity and branded collateral pieces, annual reports, brochures, logo design, advertising & interactive web sites. Additional information may be found at the Studios’ web site,

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