Mediatrix Gateways Successfully Complete BroadWorks Interoperability Testing

Media5 Corporation, a leading provider of IP-based multimedia communications solutions, today announced the successful completion of SIP interoperability testing for the Mediatrix™ multi-service VoIP gateways with BroadWorks® Release 20 from BroadSoft.
Successful completion of BroadWorks SIP interoperability testing enables service providers to reduce the test deployment and acceptance cycle for advanced communications services based on Mediatrix and Broadsoft solutions.
“Many of our service provider customers worldwide have asked us to work with key solution providers like BroadSoft. Interoperability testing with BroadWorks insures that we can deliver innovative communication solutions that address the business challenges that service providers face today,” said Andres Torres, Manager of the Mediatrix product line for Media5.
Mediatrix secure gateways are innovative VoIP communication solutions for enterprises and service providers deploying within existing network architectures, simplifying the migration to VoIP and resolving complicated equipment interoperability issues.
Mediatrix products focus on delivering the core benefits of IP telephony: cost-effectiveness, reliability, scalability, flexibility, and security.
“BroadSoft is committed to an open platform strategy that enables the seamless interoperability and integration of BroadSoft’s Unified Communications services with devices such as the Mediatrix™ multi-service VoIP gateways. Service providers can now leverage these multi-service VoIP gateways to minimize deployment cycles to businesses and consumers globally,” said Steven Kaish, vice president, business development at BroadSoft. “We are pleased to add Media5 Corporation to the BroadSoft Ecosystem.”
About Media5 Corporation
Media5 Corporation is a global supplier of multimedia communications solutions for fixed and mobile service providers, unified communications services, and hosted communications services.
Media5 has its corporate offices in Canada, with regional offices in the United States, Europe, and Latin America.
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About Broadsoft
BroadSoft is the leading provider of software and services that enable mobile, fixed-line and cable service providers to offer Unified Communications over their Internet Protocol networks. The Company’s core communications platform enables the delivery of a range of enterprise and consumer calling, messaging and collaboration communication services, including private branch exchanges, video calling, text messaging and converged mobile and fixed-line services.
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