Mediox Announces Multimedia Food Tray – New Concept For Restaurant Media Entertainment.

Dec. 27, 2006 – “The concept of delivering multimedia content to customers of fast food restaurants and food courts is not a new one”, says Mr. Zhavoronkov, one of Mediox co-founders. Consumers are increasingly looking to be entertained while they dine. Food service companies such as McDonald’s and Burger King have recently launched digital signage projects, involving large plasma or LCD panels, to enhance customers’ dining experience and improve return on their advertising real estate.

However, where these technologies fail, continues Mr. Zhavoronkov, is in their lack of ability to deliver meaningful content that is user-specific. To date, the use of digital signage has involved very broad marketing content as it tries to appeal to many clients at once. The unique concept developed by Mediox Inc. effectively allows restaurant operators to move the multimedia content to each individual client’s tray.

Placing the multimedia content in the hands of each client allows for user-based feedback through interactive features and enables one-to-one target marketing. The Mediox technology is superior to all of its digital signage competitors, states Roman Kyrychynskyi – Mediox co-founder, in the following areas:

• The ability to ensure dedicated client attention and facilitate interaction with the client;
• The ability to provide clear metrics on the exact number of impressions to the advertiser (with digital signage, advertisers are forced to make estimates based on client traffic patterns making it difficult to measure true ROI);
• Sales generating functionality through the offering of targeted in-store coupons/promotions or facilitating delivery of merchandise to a tray’s location;
• Providing a more cost effective alternative to digital signage

Mediox believes that it has the potential to turn the tray in to a revenue generating sales vehicle by as early as 2008. It is currently in discussion with major website portals, about potential partnership on content management as well as national fast food restaurant chains.

About Mediox:

Mediox is specializing in the design of high tech multimedia equipment for the foodservice industry. The founders have a patent pending in the United States for both a product and a method of content delivery. For more information, visit:

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